Probiotics Could Improve Overall Health

Probiotics Could Improve Overall Health
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Boost your probiotic levels from beverages, food, or a natural supplement. The use of probiotic capsules, tablets, and powders contain a variety of bacterial strains. Subsequently, a product with an extensive bacterial strain is best for health.

Not All Products Are The Same

There is large body of evidence that show various benefits of supplementation. Link here. With so many choices, follow these general rules.

  • Check the CFU (Colony Forming Units). This number will be on the front of the box and usually ranges from 3-50 billion CFU. The larger the number, the more potent the product
  • What strains are present? Everyone’s body reacts differently to bacterial strains. Therefore, a supplement with a wide variety of bacteria is more likely impact health
  • What is the shelf life? Probiotic supplements contain live bacterial colonies. Thus, buying supplements directly from the manufacturer is ideal. Furthermore, products bought from a big box store has the chance to be stuck on a shelf closer to expiration.

Natural Forms Of Probiotics

Fermentation is the result of the food breakdown and bacterial growth. Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, some cheeses, and yogurt use fermentation to produce the final product. Similarly, kombucha is a popular drink with live bacteria.

How Long Does This Take?

Most noteworthy,  products will use the terms raw or unpasteurized to denote live bacteria. In conclusion, the use of probiotics takes time and consistency to build good bacteria. Consequently, 4-6 months is a fair amount of time for colonization to take place.

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