5 Quick Tips To Boost Productivity

5 Quick Tips To Boost Productivity
Photo by kris / Unsplash

Is your productivity down at work? Does your day seem long and cumbersome? Does it affect work tasks and relationships? Simple steps can be taken to increase production and reduce stress.

The Traditional Productivity Boosters

Everyone knows caffeine, standing desks, and activity trackers will help keep productivity high. Mental and physical acuity is key. Without it, productivity drops.

So besides buying all of the aforementioned products, these tips will help productivity throughout the onslaught of carpool lines, emails, and meetings.

Stay Alert with Protein Over Carbohydrates

Protein is the building block for muscle and many other bodily functions. A good portion of protein for breakfast will keep you satiated through the morning. Now that you’ve made it to lunch, stay away from a large portion of carbohydrates. French fries, pasta, and bread are delicious, but a high carbohydrate lunch can drive you straight to sleep.

Less Stress & Matcha Tea

Matcha has become very popular recently. Its origin and popularity stem from the Eastern hemisphere. Now, large coffee shop chains and chefs use it in drinks and food. In addition to its great taste, researchers have found it can help reduce stress. Learn more here.

A Stand-Up Desk Is Good But Balance Board Is Great

What’s a balance board you say? Use a balance board to stand on during work or on break. A balance board works your core and legs. The most important benefit of a balance board is proprioception improvements. Good proprioception will improve balance and stimulate your brain. Use a balance board to stave off writers block, fatigue, and weight gain. Lots of sitting equals lots of fat. Boards can be found on on-line for a small fee.

Eye Fatigue Is Real

Just like muscle fatigue your eyes can succumb to fatigue too. Eye fatigue is common among people who work indoors. We get the majority of blue light from the sun, but indoor exposure can be from LED lights, computers, and phones. Large amounts of blue light exposure can cause sleep disturbances, headaches, and eye irritation. Headaches and eye irritation stem from the fact that blue light penetrates to the delicate back part of eye. In order to reduce eye fatigue, buy blue blocking glasses.

Great sleep helps with productivity too. The do’s and don’ts of a great night of sleep here.

No Money Needed For These Simple Productivity Booster

Take these action steps to prevent a granny hump and discomfort of the neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists. Raise the bottom 1/3 of the computer screen or phone to eye level. Move computer screens closer to the edge of desk. Additionally, move the keyboard to the edge of the desk. The aforementioned steps will reduce strain of the disc, muscles, and nerves by keeping optimal spinal structure or position. Does it seem you have a granny hump? Or are your shoulders and neck constantly uncomfortable? See a Structural Chiropractor to fully address the problems.