Cilantro’s Calming Effect For The Brain

Cilantro’s Calming Effect For The Brain
Photo by Robina Weermeijer / Unsplash

You’re at a cocktail party, and yo have nothing to add to the conversation. Try this tidbit. Cilantro and coriander come from the same plant. The plant’s name is coriandrum sativum. In the U.S., cilantro’s common name is the Spanish translation for coriander leaves. Basically, you can use a coriander seed to grow cilantro. Planted cilantro will eventually produce coriander seeds. Mid blowing right? Better yet, that isn’t the only mind-blowing fact about cilantro.

Cilantro and Linalool

Cilantro or cilantro extract show anti-anxiety effects similar to diazapam, a common anti-anxiety drug. Link here. Linalool is an essential oil derived from coriander seeds that is believed to produce the anti-anxiety effect. Also, linalool shows hypnotic and anti-convulsant properties in human subjects. The flavonoids in coriandrum sativum are similar to diazapam in molecular structure. Furthermore, flavonoids act similar to diazapam which activates calming brain signals.

Hyperactivity and Anxiety

Parents with hyperactive kids or patients with dysautonomia are sent to our office. Hyperactive kids may have issues with keeping on task, anxiety, paying attention, or angry outbursts to name a few. I group hyperactivity and dystautonomia together. Both conditions directly correlate to what I call the automatic operating system (AOS).

I call it the AOS because it controls unconscious bodily functions like heartbeat, breathing, and sweating. Furthermore, the AOS has two separate branches which are called PARA (parasympathetic) and SYMP (sympathetic). Office visits directly increase PARA activity and decrease SYMP activity because spinal segments directly connect to both branches.  PARA is the “rest and digest” system while SYMP is the “fight or flight” system. Teeth grinding, anxiety, and angry outbursts are part of an increase of SYMP.

Normalizing spinal structures in the neck and pelvis is similar to removing blockages from plumbing. Removing a blockage provides optimal function. Finally, increases in PARA activity and decreases in SYMP equal optimal function of operating systems.

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