Diet Rich in Fish Increase New Born Development

Diet Rich in Fish Increase New Born Development
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Fish and omega-3 can have a major impact on your health. Most studies show improvement in heart health and inflammation. As new studies come out, many other benefits appear. The most recent studies show how eating fish and taking an omega-3 supplement improve the health of babies and children.

Fish: Health Agency Approved

The American Heart Association advocates 2 3.5 oz of fish per week. Development of an unborn child’s brain is of utmost importance. Consequently, that’s why doctors will recommend prenatal vitamins to support optimal development. A recent study backs the importance of nutritional health during pregnancy.

The Brain On Fish

The first study cites the importance of fresh fish. Link here. At 2 years of age, an electronic visual test (pVep) was used to determine visual function. The best performances during the visual test were children whose mother ate at least 3 servings of fish during their 3rd trimester. Visual function is a great measure of the whole brain. For instance, people with degenerative brain disease like dementia can have abnormal visual testing.

Above all, always talk to your OBGYN for suggestions on prenatal vitamins with an omega-3 supplement. Most importantly, the best fish to eat during the last trimester of pregnancy are those of a small species. Refrain from large fish like tuna and swordfish.

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