Eye Strain and Sinus Issues Causing Headaches?

Eye Strain and Sinus Issues Causing Headaches?
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One of the most common ailments that patients report are headaches. Of those reported headaches, approximately 10% are migraines. With any type of migraine or headache, a thorough consultation and examination is important. Otherwise, many important signs and patterns may be missed. If missed, ineffective therapies such as shots and sedatives can deny the patient possible relief.

Headaches From Eye Strain

Eye strain is a possible cause of headaches. Usually eye strain occurs from poor lighting or long periods of eye use- this can occur during computer work or high cell phone usage. If a headache occurs upon waking up, eye strain is not the underlying cause. Although yearly eye check-ups are important, going to an optician may not be the first step for headache relief.

Is It Sinus Headache?

Sinus inflammation can be acute or chronic; however, both types of inflammation can cause a headache. Chronic inflammation may be a sinus infection; therefore, schedule an appointment with your general physician. Acute sinus inflammation occurs with rapid weather or seasonal changes.  When acute sinus inflammation and headache can occur together, the underlying issue isn’t a sinus problem. The problem stems from malfunctioning blood vessels surrounding the face and head. How does blood vessel malfunction happen?

Shift Of Spinal Segments

Before the blood vessel malfunction explanation, a short lesson on spinal structure. 98.6 degrees is normal body temperature. And just like body temperature, there is a normal spinal structure. These spinal structures can shift from its normal range through daily challenges like sedentary office work and working-out. The further spinal segments shift from normal the more likely symptoms will occur like headaches, migraines, spinal pain, TMJ pain, and shoulder pain.

As spinal segments shift, nerves connected to blood vessels will be blocked. Therefore, headaches and migraines will occur due to blood vessels surrounding the head not properly functioning. It’s imperative to correct these blockages to improve headaches and migraines. No matter the “trigger” like weather changes, keeping your spine free of segmental shifts will reduces the chances of symptoms.

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