Headaches Including Migraines: Underlying Issue

Headaches Including Migraines: Underlying Issue
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According to the International Headache Society  (link here) there are two different types of headaches, primary and secondary. We will discuss primary only. Secondary headaches are due to a disease or a trauma. Primary headaches are your chronic, daily, run of the mill headaches. Also included under the primary headache umbrella are migraines.

I won’t bore you to death with all the details of various headaches. You’re welcome! How do these headaches occur? Headache suffers may have many different “triggers” like wine, stress, rain, bright lights, and hormones. These common triggers occur because there is a underlying issue. Headaches stem from a shift of your spinal structure from the normal range. When a structural shift occurs, abnormal blood flow through vessels surrounding the neck and head cause a headache. Ever have pounding or pulsing headache? Now you know why this happens.

Structural Shifts Causing Headaches

The upper section of your spine is susceptible to a structural shift of spinal segments. An example of a shift of your spine is Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS). AHS is when your head shifts forward relative to your chest; like the picture above. AHS leads to obstruction of nerves an early destruction of spinal segments. Daily challenges to your spine like cell phone and computer use are common contributors to AHS.

If AHS is corrected, meaning your head and neck are further over the center of your chest spinal nerves that connect to blood vessels are able to normalize blood flow.

headaches and x-ray of neck

Lateral x-ray of neck. Left picture shows Anterior Head Syndrome. Right picture shows corrected spine after care.

Side view of the neck. Moving the head and neck further over the center of the body can result in resolution of many secondary conditions likes headaches. The initial AHS measurement (27.6 is reduces to half.

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