Increase Metabolism By Fasting

Increase Metabolism By Fasting
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We have always been told to eat three full meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, some studies show a simple break from eating (i.e. fasting) can improve your health. A recent study shows that fasting can boost metabolism, but what does that really mean for our health? Link here.

Fasting Breaks Down Nutrients Faster

Fasting increases the process of energy utilization or breakdown. In short, boosting metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, your body will burn carbohydrates, fats, and protein faster. The body prefers to burn carbohydrates for energy or activity. However, in the absence of carbohydrates, the body will burn fat stores and proteins. Without carbs, the cells do not work as hard. When the body uses fat as energy, the breakdown of fat is more efficient.

Fasting Increases Anti-aging Compounds

Fasting has other health benefits in addition to an increased metabolism. Researchers have found certain antioxidants and muscle-maintaining compounds can appear. Because muscle mass declines as you age, this suggests that fasting could increase longevity. Antioxidants are also beneficial because they keep cells healthy.

Important Notes Before Fasting

If you are considering fasting, check with your primary care doctor. Certain conditions contraindicate fasting. The benefits detailed above were tested at a fasting length of 34-58 hours. The study did not report what participants drank during the fast.

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