Matcha May Reduce Stressful Behavior

Matcha May Reduce Stressful Behavior
Photo by Matcha & CO / Unsplash

Matcha has become very popular recently. Its origin and popularity stem from the Eastern hemisphere. Now, large coffee shop chains and chefs use it in drinks and food. In addition to its great taste, researchers have found it can help reduce stress. The amino acid, L-theanine, is a natural compound found to reduce stress.

Mice On Matcha

One particular study shows improvement in stressful behavior in mice. In the study, mice went through a maze with varying platform widths. The mice with stressful behaviors used a larger width platform. Obviously, it’s the safest path. On the other hand, the mice given matcha chose a narrow path. Matcha activates dopamine and serotonin receptors to reduce anxiety. Both are neurotransmitters involved with reward and motivation.

Read The Tea Leaves

Matcha tea unique because the leaves are ground to make a powder. Most teas steep dry leaves in hot water to draw out the flavor. The match powder is then added to food and drinks.

When consuming matcha, you are ingesting the actual leaves, potentially making the drink more potent. There are limits to this study, and more research is needed. But it’s easy to find a high quality product and try it out. Link here.

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