Nose-Breathing Aids In Memory

Nose-Breathing Aids In Memory
Photo by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters / Unsplash

Nose-breathing affects the ability to memorize. The study cites improvement in memory consolidation or recall when breathing through the nose. Additionally nose-breathing provides more oxygen than mouth-breathing. Also, mouth breathing exposes the body to more air pollutants.Let’s get real though… breathing through your nose is more attractive too. You look smarter! The electric wiring of your body takes in different sensation from touch, sight, and smell. When a sensation is received, it’s expressed as a thought or reaction.

Since evidence shows that nose-breathing can aid your memory, researchers will look at the parts of the brain that react to a smell. Link here. There are 3 types of nerves. Nerves connect to muscle, organs, and to the brain. Subtle shifts of the spine can obstruct these connections. This will block connections to the muscle, organs, and brain.

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