Omega-3 Importance For Optimal Health

Omega-3 Importance For Optimal Health
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Studies show omega-3 is a good fat for optimal health. Most studies cite improvements in heart health. As new studies are published, many other benefits are understood. The pro research far outweighs the negative. Even the American Heart Association recommends 2-4 3.5 servings of fish a week because it’s loaded with omega-3. The following is a collection of important studies from prenatal to adult health. First let’s start with the heart health benefits.

Omega-3 Decreases Cardiovascular Events

Usually, there are no warning signs for most major cardiovascular events. Thus, eating fish or supplementation will improve omega-3 levels. Studies show participants in the upper echelon of omega-3 blood levels have a 39% lower risk of a cardiovascular disease. Additionally, participants have a 34% lower risk of death from any cause.

Omega Ratio Matters

Usually, most western diets don’t have a balanced omega-3 and omega-6 ratio. Western diets are close to a 1:15 ratio. This potentially leads to inflammation and other health hazards. Foods like nuts, seeds, and vegetables oils contain mostly omega-6. Caveat. Don’t worry about consuming too many seeds and nuts. Focus on the increase of omega-3 consumption through supplementation or fresh fish.

Fresh Fish For the Brain

This particular study cites the importance of fresh fish. Link here. At 2 years of age, an electronic visual test (pVep) was used to determine visual function. The best performances during the visual test were children whose mother ate at least 3 servings of fish during their 3rd trimester. Visual function is a great measure of the whole brain. For instance, people with degenerative brain disease like dementia can have abnormal visual testing. Read more here.

Get Healthy With Omega-3

When compared to consuming olive oil, omega-3 fish oil shows children with higher measures of lean mass, bone mass, and fat mass. You may be raising an eyebrow at increase fat mass? Interestingly, with an increase in fat mass the percentage of fat did not increase. As you know, percentage takes into account other measures like muscle and bone mass. An increase in fat mass is normal with high muscle and bone mass. Read more here.

Supplement Or Consumption?

When choosing fish, chose small fish from cold waters. Big fish eat small fish which increases the possibility of toxic contaminants. What if you don’t like to eat fish? I recommend a fish oil supplement that uses molecular distillation which removes toxic contaminants. Potency is important too. Find a product that contains at least a 1,000 mg of fish oil per capsule.

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