Stress Management: Easy Everyday Tips

Stress Management: Easy Everyday Tips
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Stress management is important for your health. Unfortunately, stress is a part of life, but our response to stress is important. When stress takes its toll, it’s important to understand that you are in control. Let’s discuss ways that you can combat stress.

Breathing Out The Stress

A way to combat stress immediately is slow diaphragmatic breathing. This is an essential part of stress management. Proper breathing technique is extremely important.  If you are breathing with more chest and shoulder involvement, then you are not taking in the optimal amount of oxygen.

To determine if you are breathing inadequately, look in the mirror, and breathe normally.  If your chest and shoulder move more than your belly, then practice diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is best because you are able to fill your lungs fully. The Cleveland Clinic has a great explanation on this technique. Link here.  Additionally, more shoulder and chest breathing means tight traps and shoulders.

Stress Management With This Tasty Herb and Tea

Both matcha tea and cilantro exhibit improvements in stress and anxiety. Matcha is popular as you’ll see it on most coffee shop menus. Cilantro is a diverse herb that can be used in a variety of dishes.

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Adding greenery to your space can lower stress.

Clear The Clutter And Stress

A less stressful work environment or home is important for productivity. Less stress equals more productivity. Studies show that air quality, light wattage, work station ergonomics, and office layout impact work productivity.

Clutter is controllable.  The more clutter in your environment the more opportunity for objects to divert your attention.  The best way to remove clutter, is ask yourself, “Do I use this often?” If the answer is no, trash it or store it out of site. Do this with supplements, cosmetics, documents, clothes, or anything that can distract you.

Lighten Your Load Of Stress

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and News Years,  reducing social obligations during the fall/winter months can be helpful too. Instead of planning that long road trip, try spending the weekend at home. A weekend at home with family and friends can go a long way to help you recharge for the busy holiday season.

May your fall and winter be as stress free as possible! Take a deep breath and relax. My next post quick post- quick and easy exercises to get your blood flowing and large muscle groups activated.

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