Tips To Keep Your Back In Shape

Tips To Keep Your Back In Shape
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Most people will have back pain at some point in life. Unfortunately, the recommendations or tools to prevent future problems are unknown. You’ll learn a few tips to keep your back in shape.

Prevention is better than looking for relief in excruciating pain. Without proper spinal recommendations, spinal deterioration occurs. Just like knee cartilage, there is spinal cartilage or discs that provide cushion between spinal segments. Preservation of these discs is important. So, how can we keep our back and neck functioning at optimal?

Tip 1. Prolonged Abnormal Positions Stress Spinal Structures

When we look at phones or hunch over a computer for prolonged periods, spinal structures are under stress. This leads to damage of discs and dysfunction of muscles and ligaments. Usually treatment is medication. Unfortunately, medication only bandages the ill-effects of structural shift. Place phones and computer screens in front of your eyes. This will help position spinal structures in a normal position.

Photo by Olivia Bauso / Unsplash

A good core exercise is a plank.

Tips 2. Wrong Core Exercises Are Problematic

Sit-ups and crunches create stress on the lower spine through low back flexion. Spinal flexion flattens the normal curvature of the low back. Thus, a sit-up or crunch motion is no different than bending over with your knees straight. That’s when discs tend bulge or herniate unexpectedly. Utilize planks instead of sit-ups and crunches. Lastly, perform dead-lifts properly. Without great technique, dead-lifts will destroy the lower spine.

Tip 3. Look Into Your Sole

Worn-out shoe soles can cause lower spine dysfunction. Additionally, it’s important that your shoes have proper support. Different shoe brands and models support many different foot shapes. Go into a shoe store and try-on multiple pairs to get the best support. Many stores have a return policy if the shoe doesn’t fit well.

These tips will keep your spinal structures and discs healthy. The “Normal Structure” picture is a great visual. If spinal structures are within a normal range, function will be optimal.

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